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I’m not completely sure it’s nignogs’ since I found it on 4chan but the style matches theirs
safe1704422 artist:nignogs143 discord30940 oc683411 oc:anon11700 draconequus11654 earth pony247975 human154511 pony965666 (you)37 2 panel comic1250 blonde2100 blonde mane233 blue eyes5081 blushing197288 comic109047 dialogue65418 eris1964 female1361233 flustered301 halo1691 holding hands2681 human male6669 male372016 mare479595 park1044 police1174 police officer732 ponice1 reversed gender roles equestria127 reversed gender roles equestria general53 rule 6326821 speech bubble23227


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Eat It He-Man!
YES. YES. Y E S ! Not only in one of the most pleasing and cute styles out there, but this also has perfect lil pone and Eris proportions! This is the ideal, and I love it!

Eris is really cute here, love the idea of a smug Eris who is stunned when embarrassed by wholesome affection!
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
Can't a draconequus go out in the street in peace without having an escort OR get shot randomly by the cops for once??