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Originally posted on: Sat, 09 Jan 2021 21:50:03 GMT
she turned into a demon, a raging she-demon 😐
#sunsetshimmer #evilsunsetshimmer #eg #eqg #equestriagirls #equestriagirl #mlp
safe1691040 artist:twiskielulamoon182 sunset shimmer62353 equestria girls198225 alternate design2698 bare shoulders2349 black sclera2043 blushing194989 clothes453916 dress43985 ear piercing25712 earring20732 eyelashes9790 female1348890 glowing hands303 grin37721 jewelry62118 lipstick10973 piercing40369 signature23865 sleeveless4181 smiling243875 solo1053606 strapless1468 sunset satan1339 wings104163


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