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safe1948475 artist:chub-wub657 princess cadance36417 princess celestia104234 princess ember7759 princess flurry heart8506 princess luna108393 princess skystar2314 queen chrysalis38734 queen novo1695 rain shine541 twilight sparkle330271 alicorn270181 changeling57664 changeling queen20818 dragon70604 hippogriff12027 kirin12151 pony1298535 alicorn pentarchy118 aunt and niece553 baby12570 cute232421 dragoness11917 female1581745 filly83117 flurrybetes1040 mare605471 mother and child3894 mother and daughter6947 open mouth193654 royal sisters5516 siblings14445 simple background491551 sisters12620 sisters-in-law1100 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137405 white background127088


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Background Pony #EB63
So we have six princesses, two queens, one dragonlord and whatever title Rain Shine has.
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