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safe1766396 artist:chub-wub494 princess cadance33351 princess celestia97194 princess ember6840 princess flurry heart7568 princess luna101260 princess skystar2112 queen chrysalis35699 queen novo1454 rain shine470 twilight sparkle307965 alicorn235526 changeling50424 changeling queen18066 dragon59492 hippogriff10241 kirin9427 pony1026289 alicorn pentarchy113 aunt and niece466 baby10765 cute207571 female1415601 filly70662 flurrybetes968 mare509355 mother and child2750 mother and daughter6147 open mouth157472 royal sisters4658 siblings9837 simple background414274 sisters9549 sisters-in-law975 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126948 white background103919


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Background Pony #EB63
So we have six princesses, two queens, one dragonlord and whatever title Rain Shine has.