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Made another comic thing.
Would have been nice if they fleshed out Rainbow and Lightning's relationship in the show.
Wanted to see them as childhood friends kinda like Gilda.
safe1705372 artist:symbianl369 fluttershy212534 lightning dust4509 rainbow dash233828 pegasus291342 pony966587 :34533 cloud30691 cute199631 dashabetes9237 dustabetes96 eyes closed93409 female1362090 filly66590 filly fluttershy706 filly lightning dust19 filly rainbow dash1266 flag3888 mouth hold17470 on a cloud1563 shyabetes13792 tongue out103838 younger17365


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Even in fanart Fluttershy is a teen filly when paired with her friends. I find it quite fascinating that DHX decided to deliberately make her the oldest out of the mane 6.

I think if Lightning Dust also had known Rainbow Dash since childhood (like this pic), she would also be willing to change. She didn't want revenge either. She put Scootaloo in danger for the sake of showing off, just like how she always is. She never said she did that to get at Dash.

"And they knocked me off this cloud every time…"
Seriously though, it would be pretty nice to see Lightning Dust change her way because of Rainbow Dash, just like Gilda.
Artist -

VA Bobby G
This would be awesome if they do something like this in the show. Sure they actually first interacted in Wonderbolt's Academy, but still! This could also work too! :P