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Based on a scene from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.
suggestive140630 artist:papadragon691269 azure velour177 rarity180065 sweetie belle48639 anthro255982 3d74095 absolute cleavage3406 beach14588 beach ball1462 belly button76314 bikini17798 breasts272696 busty rarity12554 cleavage34104 clothes452634 comic107885 one-piece swimsuit4328 reality ensues400 robe3616 sling bikini1371 source filmmaker45129 swimsuit27755


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Even as Azure velour says rarity is to cover up when her sling bikini is a bit too skimpy when those hope as rarity is hauled off the beach in front of sweetie belle.
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beachballs and unicorns kinda funny if you think about it, one bounce on the head and its gone xd would be a nice funny comic strip
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Background Pony #E6AD
Rarity can't go 5 minutes without wearing a sling bikini to the beach.
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Background Pony #926D
Lesson learned folks: Unless it's a nude beach, don't try this yourself…
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