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My Little Pony parody with HellTaker
I'm so lazy so I've given up drawing the rest TvT Sorry guys
Hope you like it!
safe1750222 artist:hanasakiyunarin18 apple bloom50955 applejack173254 fluttershy217236 pinkie pie220137 rarity185566 scootaloo51912 starlight glimmer49781 sweetie belle49721 equestria girls206972 clothes475907 cutie mark crusaders19320 devil horns504 devil tail174 fangs26678 freckles30106 glasses64568 gloves20954 grin40905 hair over one eye9329 helltaker79 jewelry68196 looking at you175650 necklace20376 open mouth154282 parody15783 red background965 simple background409023 smiling260846 sweat27624 sweatdrop3394


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Background Pony #D4C7
There are real people with a name Malina, so it's real name. David came from "just word" that "beloved one" in hebrew. Also Musk called his kid "X Æ A-12" so it seems it's real name too?. Just admit you're wrong.
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