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Chrysalis Hearts and Hooves Drive II (6)
The feeding frenzy is only just beginning!
1 Coffee (3$) = 15 lbs  
5 Coffee (15$) = 75 + 25 extra =100 lbs
Send any treats this way: https://ko-fi.com/dufelbag
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safe1975185 artist:graphenescloset757 artist:sirmasterdufel977 queen chrysalis39125 changeling58571 changeling queen21169 series:chrysalis hearts and hooves drive18 choker17431 collaboration6314 cute236885 cutealis2298 eyes on the prize6296 female1606699 gradient background17367 green background3503 heart61535 incentive drive354 open mouth198433 poof245 simple background503544 solo1271293 speech bubble32275 surprised11306 weight gain sequence1468 wide eyes18856


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Background Pony #73C3
@Background Pony #11AA  
The first page is a fine pic of Fake Cadance, and this page is Chryssi being cute as fuck. But this series is a weight gain drive, so most of it is her being super fat and pigging out. It’s not grotesque, but most of it’s not going to be appealing either, if you’re not into weight gain or fatty characters.
Background Pony #11AA
If your mind currently thinks about something along the lines of this: “Cute! Let’s see what the rest of the comic is about. Maybe even more cute stuff!” stop right now.