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safe1878148 edit148111 edited screencap74625 editor:quoterific4602 screencap244451 applejack182099 fluttershy229354 pinkie pie231132 rainbow dash251087 rarity196179 sci-twi27623 sunset shimmer69378 twilight sparkle321983 zephyr breeze2673 dashing through the mall592 equestria girls223818 equestria girls series37447 holidays unwrapped2628 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)15890 applejack is not amused870 applejack's hat10661 boots26285 bowtie11887 bracelet11589 canterlot mall345 clothes524490 converse6308 cowboy boots1962 cowboy hat20093 cutie mark51698 cutie mark on clothes4556 denim skirt1972 eyes closed110767 geode of empathy3517 geode of fauna2273 geode of shielding2667 geode of sugar bombs2440 geode of super speed2953 geode of super strength2689 geode of telekinesis3402 glasses72407 hairpin2827 hammer1887 hat100709 high heels13382 hoodie16684 humane five4603 humane seven2927 humane six4362 jacket14994 jewelry81571 leather1657 leather jacket4320 magical geodes10795 peace sign3637 pink camera14 ponytail21165 present7018 rainbow dash is best facemaker725 rainbow dash is not amused769 rarity is not amused528 rarity peplum dress1725 sandals4880 shoes45292 skirt45260 smiling302257 unamused18807


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