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Originally posted on: November 16, 2013, 2:31 AM UTC
Playing Card Ponies [CLOSED]

MORE AUCTIONS, YAY. I've worked long and hard on this set, and they're finally ready!! ;v; These five ponies are based on the suites of your standard playing card deck! The auction will last for one week. I will accept points and cash only. Please place your bids in response to the BID HERE comment, and in response to the previous bidder after that. I will accept payments in half cash half points if need be! <3 There will be a snipe guard. If a bidding war erupts in the final hours, I will not close the auction until one bidder or the other has dropped out (within a reasonable time frame of my own discretion). You may bid n as many as you like!! I hope you like them!!

o1. The Queen of Hearts
//// ~Kamarah

o2. The King of Diamonds
//// ~YummyPonies

o3. The Ace of Spades
//// Hollandworks on FA

o4. The Jack of Clubs
//// ~AcidRockStar

o5. JoKeR
//// Starting Bid : $5/500p
/// Minimum increase : $1/100p
// Current HB : $65 by *SilberCorgi
/ Autobuy : TBA

These guys were each freehanded, no bases used <3
Winners will receive full unwatermarked versions of your adopts~ If there's enough interest, I'll include special gifts with the autobuys!
Pleae do not repost the unwatermarked version of your adopt, thank you!

Auction also on FA —→ www.furaffinity.net/view/12076…
safe1691631 artist:lavvythejackalope456 oc675514 oc only443414 oc:joker8 alicorn221461 pony953273 unicorn317096 :p8712 alicorn oc26108 colored hooves5795 ear piercing25773 earring20770 eyes closed91841 female1349524 frown22600 hat85640 hoof fluff1676 horn64523 jester315 jewelry62230 looking back56521 mare473642 one eye closed30072 piercing40436 raised hoof44935 simple background388470 smiling244063 tongue out102462 unicorn oc8056 unshorn fetlocks24983 white background96397 wings104389 wink24375


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