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Sweet! Free dragon! :D
safe1681637 artist:badumsquish1913 derpibooru exclusive27799 spike78041 oc669015 dragon54780 ghost2598 monster pony3375 object pony761 original species24710 pegasus282314 pony943724 portrageist6 undead1986 braid5620 bust48243 caught3283 dreamworks face861 eyes on the prize5351 eyeshadow15123 female1340794 frown22501 grin37280 hairband1230 holding a dragon39 kidnapped778 makeup20762 male364437 mare468812 open mouth140938 painting3520 picture frame797 ponified40403 portrait30509 reaching428 reaching out211 red eyes5952 scared10282 screaming3323 smiling241542 spike gets all the mares753 spike gets all the monsters1 squishy cheeks2335 straight133945 varying degrees of want701 wall745 yoink59


not provided yet


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Background Pony #6782
I mean, yeah, kind of, but he mostly just wanted to rescue Mario.
E. Gadd and King Boo were the biggest dicks in that game though.
Background Pony #9BFC
What if you had to get back to work or something? Better yet, what if you had a wife and family and this mare wanted to rape you and conceive your child?
Background Pony #6782
Okay, good to know.

@Background Pony #9BFC
Luigi did nothing to "appease" them. He captured them, then E. Gadd used his machine to force them back into their paintings.

Given Badum said she has no more or less power than a typical Earth Mare, I'd assume you can leave whenever you want, as long as you can find your way out of her room.
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@Background Pony #6782
It's like a vaguely defined arbitrary area in there. Four walls, a floor, and a roof. It wouldn't have killed her painter to paint her a background so she had a more interesting living space :P

@Background Pony #CE4B
@Background Pony #6782
It's what makes them so tricky. They're not any more, or any less, powerful than a pony. She has all the abilities of an earth pony mare her size, no more no less. She's not all that much of a threat, and she'd probably struggle to keep even Spike in there against his will. It's why they're normally used for like spying or security or sounding alarms, since they're not exactly much of a threat. This one's just bored XD