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Originally posted on: November 12, 2013, 9:57 PM UTC
Lovebirds Breed [OTA?]
THERE IS A QUESTION MARK BECAUSE I AM NOT SURE IF I WANT TO SELL THEM. So I'm just opening them up for offers. >< =SharkMochi generously allowed me not only to breed these two ridiculously adorable ponies that I got from them (Iron Cloud here —→ lavvythejackalope.deviantart.c… and Starburst here —→ sharkmochi.deviantart.com/art/… ), but to sell them as well, if I wish. So here we have my first batch of babies from these two Ithere may yet be more, I really love this combo <3). I will accept offers on them in cash or points only. If you would like to offer, just reply to the "OFFER HERE FOR x" comments below. And please note that just because your offer is highest does not guarantee you the adopt. If the offers are not to my liking I'll keep them ///eeeeeee. Unless you are =SharkMochi, in which case you can have one coz you're awesome for letting me do this <3

o1. Disco Panic — =SharkMochi
o2. Rave Pace — closed
o3. Baby Blues — closed
o4. Rock Candy — open
safe1691635 artist:lavvythejackalope456 oc675516 oc only443415 oc:starburst360 earth pony243233 pony953276 base used19353 bust49043 colored hooves5795 ear piercing25773 earth pony oc7567 eyes closed91842 gray background7035 hair over one eye8895 heterochromia5340 jewelry62230 necklace18387 parents:oc x oc1270 piercing40436 simple background388471 smiling244064


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