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My Periodic Ponies YCH is live!

Please bid on the Fur Affinity page provided in the source, where all the rules and timings are provided.
safe1688232 artist:parclytaxel1330 oc673234 oc only442292 oc:parcly taxel430 alicorn220960 genie1574 genie pony378 pony949952 series:joycall6's periodic table119 absurd resolution65776 bohrium1 chemistry337 commission66573 copernicium1 darmstadtium2 dubnium1 female1346279 flerovium1 hassium1 livermorium3 mare471989 meitnerium1 moscovium1 nihonium1 oganesson1 periodic table199 roentgenium1 rutherfordium2 seaborgium1 simple background387220 sitting62201 smiling243183 solo1051767 tennesine1 vector76129 white background96063 your character here10626


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