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I'm sure I'm breaking some unspoken rule by doing this, but I got the urge to remaster and combine some Sweetie Belle scenes into a one-page comic.

I may remaster some other stuff in my current style. I feel like Tubby Titans could use an update. The original Valerie comic also comes to mind. My seven-year anniversary is coming up, and I think that would be appropriate.
safe1727986 alternate version47234 artist:lordstormcaller120 rarity183690 sweetie belle49408 anthro264857 unguligrade anthro49332 comic:filly fat remastered2 belly29002 belly button79562 bikini18580 calendar548 clothes467552 comic110322 cookie3721 cute203006 diet79 exercise695 exercise bike17 exercise machine21 eyeshadow16103 fat22377 female1382227 fetish40798 food71554 herbivore1144 high res31181 indoors3257 jump rope168 leg warmers2504 makeup22150 measuring125 measuring tape1079 pants14954 pudgy125 purple background3186 sexy30091 shorts14234 siblings9116 simple background401496 sisters9125 sports bra3304 sweat26996 sweatpants370 sweetie belly221 swimsuit28942 thighs14362 trash can846 vegetables134 weight loss91 weights384 wide eyes17221 workout784


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