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safe1947420 edit154583 edited screencap78709 editor:quoterific5843 screencap257778 apple fritter854 applejack186429 aquamarine glow12 bell perin14 boyle176 bunny moon26 capper dapperpaws1720 captain celaeno1291 chocolate apple32 coco pommel6625 daisy2786 derpy hooves53671 elderberry10 flower wishes2789 fluttershy235910 lix spittle137 pinkie pie236775 princess skystar2314 rainbow dash257275 rarity201319 songbird serenade1351 squabble151 tempest shadow18171 twilight sparkle330184 alicorn269996 earth pony351362 parrot pirates491 pegasus395587 pony1297224 unicorn434540 anthro310198 my little pony: the movie20585 apple family member3230 broken horn14981 eyes closed118181 fireworks2293 hoofbump1276 horn112774 magic85221 mane six35034 night32143 pirate2727 rainbow (song)89 telekinesis33527 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137385


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