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I wanted to do a revamp of my CMC designs as they're quite dated now, and i had a lot of ideas for these girls! mainly i just wanted to draw all their hair, I've always loved the CMC's designs and i wanted go have some fun with their manes and tails, such as applebloom's being a bit more curly with lots of volume much like her mother. i went
safe1751337 artist:wanderingpegasus234 apple bloom51002 scootaloo51929 sweetie belle49743 classical unicorn4227 earth pony266270 pegasus309412 pony1011330 unicorn342584 alternate hairstyle29085 apple bloom's bow1599 blaze (coat marking)1667 blushing204797 bow29995 chest fluff41248 cloven hooves10613 coat markings5436 cutie mark crusaders19331 ear fluff31225 facial markings2276 female1402607 freckles30143 gray background7691 grin40979 hair bow16389 leonine tail9204 mare502547 markings1865 older27821 older apple bloom2244 older cmc477 older scootaloo2138 older sweetie belle2480 pale belly1270 redesign2506 simple background409435 smiling261248 snip (coat marking)124 socks (coat markings)3212 trio9761 unshorn fetlocks27213


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I love those cutie mark designs. I kind of wish they were canon. The artist didn't even alter the old designs too drastically. All that happened was they were made bigger (which matches the other canon Pony cutie mark sizes), they got rid of the busy stripes, and they're now colors that match their respective ponies more.