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safe1691469 artist:tjpones3070 apple bloom49097 equestria girls198297 baseball bat1085 black and white12724 female1349374 grayscale37699 looking at you165855 monochrome148721 nail103 simple background388336 solo1053941 talking to viewer2637 team fortress 25716 threat400 tooth gap195 weapon30206 white background96395


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With the few already is having a bad day when it was to go rotten when they won't have a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire when those know how to disarm the holder when they can twist the bat right out of the hands of the holder.
Background Pony #3CFE
I don't know about that. You're like ten years old. I think I can just take the bat from you.

Fun fact: because of the mechanical advantage created by the much larger circumference, if you grab the wide end of a bat, it's actually really easy to spin it until it twists out of the hands of someone holding the much narrower handle end.

Then who's laughing, Billy? Huh? WHACK WHO'S LAUGHING NOW, BILLY BOY??? whack whack

…Whew, sorry, had a flashback for a second there. I'm good now, though.
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"Oh, but this here bat's got nothin' to do with that bad day, if that's what you were thinkin'. Just realized how that might've sounded implicatin' right after I said it."