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Chrysalis Hearts and Hooves Drive II (4)

Gasp! How unexpected!

1 Coffee (3$) = 15 lbs
5 Coffee (15$) = 75 + 25 extra =100 lbs

Send any treats this way: https://ko-fi.com/dufelbag
suggestive145543 artist:graphenescloset684 artist:sirmasterdufel867 queen chrysalis35153 changeling48731 changeling queen17075 series:chrysalis hearts and hooves drive18 adorafatty342 belly28999 big belly11677 changeling overfeeding156 choker12465 clothes467486 collaboration5393 fat22373 female1382062 garters2859 huge belly3754 incentive drive233 one eye closed31605 queen chrysalard282 socks67457 solo1078558 stockings33477 thigh highs37251 weight gain4340 weight gain sequence828


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