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“Equestria fines these three creatures twenty bits each, or fifty hours of community service each. After which, they will be returned home with an injunction against further trespassing.” Something flashed in the air beside her, though her own horn was dark. A thin white sack appeared just out of reach, wrapped with a little sun around the top. It landed with a meaty metallic rattle on the throne. “Oh look, a third party has elected to pay their fine. How unexpected. Clerk, finalize the record and get this ridiculous case out of my courtroom.”
safe1690499 artist:viwrastupr555 discord30691 princess luna98485 oc674587 oc:load bearing3 oc:spark gap55 alicorn221456 bat pony49015 draconequus11329 earth pony242704 unicorn316474 fanfic:fine print51 bat pony oc17137 bits1070 butt56161 disqord55 female1348388 high res26996 implied princess celestia681 male367364 mare473166 moonbutt3345 png408 q147 sack358 stallion106677 throne3095 throne room1086


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Background Pony #E641
All i can say about this drawing is that i want Luna to sit on my face with that plush butt of hers! xD