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questionable112018 artist:pia-sama1759 artist:str1ker87864 rarity186003 spike80614 dragon58950 anthro270296 plantigrade anthro34790 adult2585 adult spike1053 ass51081 bent over4003 big breasts86370 blushing205274 breasts289561 busty rarity13436 butt66466 butt grab2693 butt touch4356 clothes477359 commission73433 desk3414 female1405906 grope13873 he touched the butt4 male389455 mare504251 miniskirt5049 older27905 older spike5525 rearity4766 shipping206171 skirt41197 skirt pull448 sparity6857 straight140661 workplace12


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With the few wondering if explicit is pushing it over spike having his left hand under rarity’s skirt to fondle her clitoris when of the few that wonder if he makes her squirt.
Background Pony #BF62
Spike: I see you feeling stressful lately, Miss Rarity. Here let me help you with that.  
Rarity: T-thank you, (mmmh) Spike. P-please faster
So it’s begins the hot office sex