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Meet Scarlet Song :3
She is a bat pony that has an interest in punk rock/pop music. She collects a lot of Punk CDs, and also has an interest in making music herself, as she enjoys singing to herself as well as learning on how to play guitar.
As a young kid she was adopted by an earth pony mare, who runs a tea shop. Scarlet likes to help out around the tea shop, and enjoys the differences types there x)  
Despite their differences, Scarlet really loved her adopted mother :3
safe1950063 alternate version66844 artist:wisteriations11 oc825492 oc only607109 oc:scarlet song3 bat pony62929 pony1300227 bandana6210 bat pony oc24237 blank flank8859 blue background7487 chains6011 choker17015 ear piercing34851 earring26739 female1583031 headband4530 headphones9274 jewelry89043 mare606207 markings2705 multicolored hair8668 necklace25339 nose piercing3449 one eye closed39223 phone9730 piercing52454 reference sheet15800 simple background492181 snake bites307 solo1249169 tongue out126648 tongue piercing1245 wink29238


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