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(random idea) Luna's recommendations.

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@Background Pony #D7E3
Tapes. They're like minidisks, but instead of magneto-optical they're just a long plastic ribbon riddled with magnetic dust. Also they were successful outside of Japan and didn't require craptastic software to use.

(I say that as a NetMD owner who just unearthed half my old stash of Black Sabbath, Megadeth, and Metallica minidisk collection)
Background Pony #64D6
I saw Twilight wearing a collar in the thumbnail with Spike walking in front of her, and my mind instantly went somewhere decidedly more adult than what the pic turned out to be when I clicked on it.

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Dude, please don't spam comments like this, it's very annoying to scroll past three, four, five comments when they're all made by the same person.

Just put everything in one comment, it's much neater that way.