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safe1723451 artist:semirulalmite10 ocellus5355 smolder8054 changedling8522 changeling48469 dragon57283 2 4 6 greaaat1366 bully578 bullying625 clothes465787 glasses62867 hanging1758 hanging wedgie85 panties50736 purple underwear2171 role reversal1396 smolderbuse50 suspension52 underwear61498 wedgie1520


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Tagger of the Unknown
Role reversal! I always thought Ocellus would get wedgies from the cool, popular, hot girls like Silverstream and Smolder who get all the colts. Now the tables have turned. Who's the dweeb now?!
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Complete fool for pegas
T'was a great division felt within the southern dragonlands that day, the earth moved and a great voice was heard…

Some even say the mountains erupted.
but those people were perverts. >_>