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♫ah, all the souls in this land of Equestria♫
♫and everyone’s emotions are turning into one♫
♫crossing over the oceans♫
♫crossing over the sky♫
♫the whole world connected together♫
♫flooding into you!!!♫
safe1724544 artist:jadebreeze11553 floral pattern21 oc695973 oc only455164 oc:jade breeze30 pegasus298822 bipedal35239 blue eyes5304 blue hair1017 colored wings6298 colorful background13 crystal2661 cute202516 ear fluff30259 electric guitar989 ethereal mane8215 floral print29 flower26090 gradient wings774 guitar5037 japanese8297 male379155 mountain5208 mountain range606 musical instrument11063 one eye closed31472 open mouth149416 original art387 patterned background18 pegasus oc11881 rose3933 singing6426 smiling253630 solo1076436 spread wings55603 stallion111605 standing12488 standing up255 starry mane4378 tree branch978 water13639 wings110853 wink25132


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