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While I am studying anatomy for drawing, I learn that there is this region called "Rhombus of Michaelis" which looks like a diamond like rarity cutie mark. So I have this idea of drawing rarity showing most of her back and that part, which is like a natural cutie mark.
suggestive141210 artist:tzc438 rarity180599 human153287 anime5319 armpits42779 ass48547 backless660 bare shoulders2357 beautisexy766 black dress278 blushing195290 braless995 breasts274434 busty rarity12685 butt56578 buttcrack620 clothes454444 dress44033 erect nipples10498 female1350104 human coloration5107 humanized99407 nipple outline7374 rear view11860 rearboob841 rearity4458 rhombus of michaelis1 sexy28980 skimpy outfit461 solo1054553 solo female178278


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Background Pony #8B39
Rarity in a skimpy black dress might just be better than her in lingerie.