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So these are a pair of faces that happened.
safe1727385 screencap224440 amethyst star2599 cherry berry2183 lonely hearts21 princess celestia95840 sparkler2452 twilight sparkle303150 alicorn228564 pony987660 party pooped787 face1564 female1381729 grin39645 horse face108 mare491189 paul mccartney62 ponified41593 smiling254386 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124928


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I've always said alicorns are common Pantheon-level gods at best. Omnigods just make things narratively complicated since they're logically impossible in a world that has any kind of strife in it.
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we always depict Celestia as having some kind of omnipotence But this scene made me wonder how much she knows of the nonsense her Little Ponies get up to