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Cadance(?) Hearts and Hooves Drive II (3)

Uh oh! Someone seems to be losing their concentration…

1 Coffee (3$) = 15 lbs
5 Coffee (15$) = 75 + 25 extra =100 lbs

Send any treats this way: https://ko-fi.com/dufelbag
suggestive145244 artist:graphenescloset681 artist:sirmasterdufel867 princess cadance32742 queen chrysalis35098 series:chrysalis hearts and hooves drive18 belly28896 big belly11623 changeling overfeeding155 choker12410 clothes466220 collaboration5375 fake cadance765 fat22324 female1379056 incentive drive228 levitation12285 magic74161 queen chrysalard281 shapeshifting317 socks67324 solo1076412 stockings33390 stuffing1253 telekinesis28151 thigh highs37134 transformation10950 weight gain4321 weight gain sequence821


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Background Pony #C851
I love chrysalis being gluttonous enough to downright pour the whole mug down her throat
Background Pony #54D1
It's a fetish. For purposes of the fetish, the feedee has unlimited eating capacity and will just get fatter and fatter without anything going awry.

how can people eat so much i can barely eat like 1000 calories at once and every bite after that is like torture