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Background Pony #0470
Kinda make Me both surprised and sad the fact this movie is almost 8 years old.
When it first came out I went all around the web to find the whole movie. At that time I didn’t know English except the alphabet and some basic words, but thanks to it being a kid movie I got the most plot from the visual. I didn’t like Sunset being one of the leads in the movie, but years later she my favourite character in EQG series. Also, now I realized this is My favourite EQG movie, if not the MPP movie overall! I also share opinion this movie is the best part of “Equestria Girls” series.
2014 has a special place in My life and memory. This was the year I became obsessed with this show and brony as well! (but some time later I quit the fandom). There were others moments, events, shows and movies that made this year so special to Me and this certain movie isn’t an exception! Since late 2019 I was suffering from nostalgia for 2014 and it’s amazing, because I was feeling very nostalgic for 00s and 2010, 2011 and 2012 in 2014!
I wish in the future I could live a year I would feel and remember as warm and special as 2014. Also, I want to overcome my obsession with 2014 just like I did with 00s an 2010-2012 period.