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Izzy, Sunny, and Pipp as fillies. At least what I think they would look like. I'm already impatient and want to watch G5. lol =w=.
safe1726488 artist:symbianl380 izzy moonbow1995 pipp petals1315 sunny starscout1625 earth pony256380 pegasus299797 pony986784 unicorn332100 g54277 adorapipp200 alternate color palette459 ball3554 cheek fluff5716 chest fluff40035 cute202831 ear fluff30323 eyes closed95555 female1380897 filly68160 filly izzy moonbow2 filly pipp petals1 filly sunny starscout1 flying38750 grass9896 horn70641 horn guard374 horn impalement712 hornball385 izzy's tennis ball450 izzybetes421 large wings1633 leg fluff3112 open mouth149803 precious105 pronking1087 raised hoof47464 rock4560 running6053 sunnybetes237 tennis ball661 tree32836 trio9423 trio female1901 wing fluff1655 wings111251 younger17580


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Well, we got our drawing of all three new ponies by SymbianL, my favorite artist. I am so happy right now! Thanks so much for this, Symbian! You are wonderful!