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Izzy, Sunny, and Pipp as fillies. At least what I think they would look like. I'm already impatient and want to watch G5. lol =w=.
safe1751382 artist:symbianl387 izzy moonbow3255 pipp petals2125 sunny starscout2785 earth pony266286 pegasus309419 pony1011364 unicorn342601 g56909 adorapipp243 alternate color palette469 ball3988 cheek fluff5936 chest fluff41251 cute205795 ear fluff31226 eyes closed98192 female1402641 filly69688 filly izzy moonbow3 filly pipp petals2 filly sunny starscout2 flying39449 grass10161 horn77756 horn guard383 horn impalement761 hornball486 izzy's tennis ball596 izzybetes568 large wings1651 leg fluff3199 open mouth154585 precious104 pronking1093 raised hoof48468 rock4598 running6156 sunnybetes328 tennis ball810 tree33543 trio9764 trio female2011 wing fluff1693 wings123300 younger17766


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Well, we got our drawing of all three new ponies by SymbianL, my favorite artist. I am so happy right now! Thanks so much for this, Symbian! You are wonderful!