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Well, I joined the MLP fandom on the 1st. January 2008 by registering to the MLP Arena forum so I remember when the first pieces of information came out from the FIM . The forum buzzed up back then.

based on everything happening before the next show or movie has even begun I cant help but agree with you. People already love these characters and they haven't even said a word yet

I'm a little less optimistic due to Netflix's season dumping tendencies. They'll just unload every episode all at once and everyone will binge them, talk about them for a couple of weeks, then it'll just fizzle.

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what Hasbro and the bronies will be able to bring out of this new generation. I hope we'll be able to see beautiful fan arts awesome fanfictions and hearing great music.
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Hey, now. No need to be mean.

You're welcome to your opinion, but please keep your comments on fan art apropos the art. If you want to discuss whether the main characters of the G5 series should be female or male please use the forums.

@Background Pony #C940
Agreed I have had alot of fun theories that could lead to some pretty good fanfiction… but as for the actual plot of the film… were just gonna have to wait and see yeah? Still feels odd to go from a grand "UNITED WE STAND!" Finale to "welp everyone go to your corners and ignore eachother again."