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So I haven’t drawn for like over a month since I was busy building a shed, and then my computer died and I had to get a new one. Moral of the story, keep frequent backups since the hard drive was completely screwed but I didn’t lose any data or pictures due to backups :D
So to get back into practice I took the original pic of Star Tracker crossdressing COSPLAYING and drew some costumes on him. Here they all are enjoy :P
Looks like Trixie has another fanboy :P
And the rest:  
No clothes  
Sphinxy’s Servant  
Tempest Shadow  
safe1768419 alternate version51497 artist:badumsquish2024 derpibooru exclusive29680 part of a set13979 star tracker449 earth pony273795 pony1028319 once upon a zeppelin856 cape10911 clothes482107 clothes swap1399 cosplay28768 costume29171 crossdressing9797 crossplay148 cute207831 freckles30553 frown23876 gem6346 grin41856 happy32560 hat91901 looking at you178307 male393559 pose6272 raised hoof49275 show accurate17354 smiling266278 smug6366 solo1107273 stallion118338 starcrossed19 teeth10720 trackerbetes47 trixie's cape3967 trixie's hat4801


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Background Pony #82B6
He may not be a real magician but he can still perform the amazing feat of melting hearts~
||But am I talking about Star or Badum? ||The answer is both, obviously.||||
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Umbreon Likes Night
The Great and Powerful Tracker….
Now Trixie has her new job as her new Teacher of School Of Friendship
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  1. How can he call himself the Great and Powerful Star Tracker when he’s not unicorn?  
  2. Trixie will be so angry having her title and clothes taken away from another pony she doesn’t.