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So I haven't drawn for like over a month since I was busy building a shed, and then my computer died and I had to get a new one. Moral of the story, keep frequent backups since the hard drive was completely screwed but I didn't lose any data or pictures due to backups :D

So to get back into practice I took the original pic of Star Tracker crossdressing COSPLAYING and drew some costumes on him. Here they all are enjoy :P

Looks like Trixie has another fanboy :P

And the rest:
No clothes
Sphinxy's Servant
Tempest Shadow
safe1691281 alternate version44148 artist:badumsquish1940 derpibooru exclusive28072 part of a set11758 star tracker417 earth pony243142 pony953024 once upon a zeppelin805 cape10178 clothes454126 cosplay27584 costume27196 crossdressing9162 crossplay123 cute197624 freckles28343 frown22597 gem5928 grin37740 happy30831 hat85609 looking at you165888 male367759 pose5791 raised hoof44930 show accurate14368 smiling243992 smug5919 solo1053904 stallion106838 starcrossed16 teeth9479 trackerbetes44 trixie's cape3748 trixie's hat4541


not provided yet


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1. How can he call himself the Great and Powerful Star Tracker when he's not unicorn?
2. Trixie will be so angry having her title and clothes taken away from another pony she doesn't.