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Why is she so mad about it tho? Maybe she needs to be left alone like that for a while, tasting her own worn footsocks for an hour or two, to calm down a little~ Or maybe it's just that her big footers are in a dire need of some physical stimulation, asap. Or maybe both šŸ‘€

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suggestive145221 artist:fetishsketches780 twilight sparkle302746 unicorn331159 anthro263934 plantigrade anthro33380 arm behind back6219 barefoot27927 big breasts83516 big feet239 blushing200535 bondage34157 book33864 breasts282355 busty twilight sparkle12206 clothes466149 feet40567 female1378864 fetish40648 foot fetish7898 foot focus2741 gag14687 glowing horn19987 horn70198 horn cap328 horn ring5675 jeans4216 library3260 magic suppression3972 pants14880 ring3411 sock gag31 socks67316 soles4344 solo1076237 solo female181203 squirming198 toe tied503 toes6427


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Hoofsies Rule
oh buuck how did i not see this~
she kept walking around in her smelly socks and that needed to be taken care of!~ tasting her own sockies will surely do~ i love it!
Background Pony #0BC5
I've never been kicked by sasquatch feet before, but I imagine that's what's coming to whoever tied her up.