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Another collage from the movie with a pony some may have taken for Sparkler. That is, either these are two separate ponies, both nameless, or this is one nameless earth pony, and it goes to show how non-canon what we see in "We Got This Together" really is (different cutie marks, different hairstyle for Linky etc.).

As usual, name suggestions please go in this thread and not in the comments.

Edit: She's a unicorn in the intro as well.
safe1706374 screencap222214 mellow dee11 minuette5843 oasis waterfall17 red gala185 riverwalk17 earth pony248737 pony967531 unicorn323326 my little pony: the movie19038 apple family member2854 background pony10256 collage1394 cropped49324 female1363075 male372684 mare480555 not amethyst star10 race swap14245 stallion108779 we got this together121


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Background Pony #29EF
Well, I bet it was anothe roomy that reassembled Amethyst Star because the unnamed pony’s mane and tail color were lighter than Amethyst Star. So I would agree that it was just the unnamed pony because her cutie Mark is a G-clef and not three diamonds. So I would agree that both Amethyst Star and the unnamed pony were present at the Friendship Festival before it was ruined, or sabotaged, or crashed, or disrupted, or interrupted by the Storm King and his troops and later resume after the Storm King’s demise, his army’s defeat, and the restoration of Equestria. So I believed that it was just an unnamed pony that reassembled Amethyst Star with a G-clef—S05E13 Unnamed Earth Mare #1—cutie mark attending the Festival of Friendship in Canterlot and during the song, “Rainbow” by Songbird Serenade/Sia.