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Another yet nameless background pony from the movie that should have gotten more appearances.
As usual, name suggestions please go in this thread and not in the comments.


not provided yet


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Background Pony #78F3
Well, that pony is not Countness Coloratura because that pony reassembled Coloratura. I would agree that Coloratura was somewhere in Manehattan preparing to go to Canterlot with several ponies of Manehattan, later menaced, enslaved, captured, punished, arrested, imprisoned, and/or seized by the Storm King and his Storm Troops, and finally made it to Canterlot with the rest of Manehattan for the Friendship Festival at the end of the film after the Storm King Met his end and everything across Equestria caused by the Storm King and the Storm Empire was restored back to normal again. Even LittleskyFiM would agree that the G4 franchise already have famous pop star singer or two that should have filled this role with Songbird Serenade but they didn’t. I would agree that Songbird Serenade, then Sapphire Shores and Countness Coloratura performed on stage during the Friendship Festival. And speaking of Manehattan, even though I would agree that the Storm King had also attacked, invaded, ruled, and conquered Manehattan during the events of the movie while Tempest and Grubber hunt down Twilight south of Equestria, this offscreen event reminds me of the Chitauri Invasion in New York/Manhattan in “The Avengers” led by Loki and commanded by Thanos, Thanos’s army the Black Order invade Manhattan in “Avengers Infinity War”, the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man attacking New York in “Ghostbusters” and later by Vigo the Carpathian in the sequel, and later by Rowan the Destroyed and his ghost army in the reboot, Shredder and his army in who would take over New York in the TMNT franchise, and one of the Greenzillas attacking New York/Manhattan in the Power Rangers Dino Super Charge episode, “Edge of Extinction”.