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Tina plans to make all the mane six into maid ponies like this, and each will have an alternate hair style.
Next up is Rarity!

Rainbow Dash: >>2401008
Fluttershy: >>2567161
Twilight: You are here
Rarity: >>2579394
Applejack: >>2668695
Pinkie Pie: Soon™
safe1751302 artist:taytinabelle142 part of a set13488 twilight sparkle306254 alicorn232989 pony1011301 alternate hairstyle29085 apron4407 blue background5532 blushing204792 bow29994 clothes476286 cute205787 cutie mark accessory522 dress46088 ear fluff31222 female1402584 gradient background13424 happy32200 hat90428 looking at you175792 maid6050 maidlight sparkle34 mare502532 necktie7591 pigtails4945 pleated skirt4077 raised hoof48462 shoes38760 simple background409418 skirt41099 smiling261228 socks68597 solo1094880 twiabetes12273 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126223


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