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Daylight Savings Time Day. I don't know if it's possible to have a good Daylight Savings day, but if it is, then I hope yours is.

Sadly, I don't think many of us had the experience of being woken up this morning by a majestic sun horse in a parade of floating beds.

You can find my Daylight savings picture from last year right here:

I got the background from here:
The dawn edit was my own handy work.

Remember to set your clocks forward an hour, and I'll see you all soon.
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Background Pony #DC76
From the maps of Ponyville I've seen, Fluttershy's cottage isn't very far away from Sweet Apple Acres, and he and Fluttershy have more privacy at the cottage. He does still sleep over at the farm during important tasks like harvesting the zap apples.
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Complete fool for pegas
Why Celestia?
Maybe just re-position the sun to shine in their faces?
Interior re-decorating might not be your thing your highness. xD