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safe1691368 artist:w3348436528 applejack168639 fluttershy211112 pinkie pie214805 rainbow dash232308 rarity180508 sci-twi23998 sunset shimmer62364 twilight sparkle298659 equestria girls198268 anime5319 appledash5998 applejack's hat7020 book33131 boots21452 bus584 camera3936 clothes454033 colored pupils9580 converse5596 cowboy hat15459 cupcake5353 female1349267 food69154 glasses61008 hat85592 human coloration5101 leaves1908 lesbian95945 rainbow4457 reading6203 shipping198230 shoes35719 skirt39259 snow13725 snowfall4456 wristband3560


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Enjoy me. Won’t you?
I love this. Just the girls hanging out together on the bus. The reflection of a rainbow over AJ and RD is a nice touch.