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safe1861736 artist:chub-wub581 fizzlepop berrytwist9515 starlight glimmer52692 sunset shimmer68871 tempest shadow17734 trixie72035 pony1206014 unicorn393994 alternate hairstyle31207 baseball cap2406 beanie4105 broken horn14556 can517 cap5297 clothes518872 counterparts887 crackers187 female1501345 food79873 glasses71563 glowing horn22937 hat99492 horn98406 levitation13413 magic80788 mare557263 one eye closed36462 open mouth176147 peanut butter418 peanut butter crackers199 pepsi210 raised hoof54453 reformed unicorn meeting19 shirt29120 sitting71956 soda1737 sun hat1135 sunglasses16821 sweater16149 t-shirt5174 telekinesis31382 twilight's counterparts903 wink27793


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