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Here is one more character the players in our online Tails of Equestria pen and paper Role Playing group met last time, but there is not a lot that I can tell about him yet that wouldn’t be a spoiler. “Geheimrat” by the way is a titel rather than a name and would roughly translate to something along the lines of “Member of the secret / privy council”. There are so many ranks or titles starting with G in the German language that I made a bit of a point to give all the griffon characters in our game a G-rank or G-title :D  
Gisborne is of course an alusion to Guy of Gisborne from the Robin Hood legends. There is however one alusion in this picture of him that may be lost on some depending on which version of the stories of Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne your are familiar with.  
In the original text of Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne the later is described as follows:
A sword and a dagger he wore by his side,  
Had beene many a mans bane,  
And he was cladd in his capull-hyde,  
Topp, and tayle, and mayne

A capull-hyde is a horse hide which Guy of Gisborne according to this description (which likely would have evoked associations to “heathen times” to a medieval reader) wears with tail and mane.  
Now obviously the character in our role playing game did not skin a pony to wear said pony’s hide and his cloak is of cloth instead, but he probably intents for that appearance to have an intimidating effect.
As always with these images of our game’s NPC characters here is also a version of the same image with reduced opacity to let the parchment background shine through.


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