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Eat It He-Man!
Yeah, it's pretty funny. A good example is the stories which talk from a mare's perspective about anal . "Whoa, you got him to give you THAT! Lucky!"

Just stuff from left field you're not expecting and it's funny. Though not my favorite genre — that'd be NMP.

@Background Pony #1867
It's taken from the "Reversed Gender Roles Equestria" concept, which originally came about from the early-series observation that there were a LOT more mares around than stallions, which in turn led to the presumption that the birth rate in ponies was heavily skewed towards females. This in turn led to suppositions about traditional gender roles in Equestrian society, and often times, jokes featured around females being outrageously sexist in traditionally male ways.

It sounds really dumb — mostly because it is — but it also tends to be a lot of fun.

Sunset would probably be very supportive of guys in gaming. Until she started losing to one. Oh boy, and the pure, unrelenting rage from THAT…