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safe1704915 artist:tonyfleecs1483 dj pon-329239 octavia melody23750 vinyl scratch29238 earth pony248197 pony966151 robot7802 unicorn322628 idw15203 the magic of cybertron53 spoiler:comic10590 cello2562 female1361693 idw publishing16 mare479837 musical instrument10484 record686 solo1063069 soundwave273 transformers3957


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Evil Emperor Proteus

Master of Science
@Background Pony #0578
That would be amusing, although I think the Shadowbolts with the Decepticons and the Rainbooms with the Autobots would be more fitting. They would have to give a reason for the Decepticons giving the Shadowbolts their attention though. Off the top of my head, Elements of Harmony-like magic going into the Shadowbolts and the Decepticons convince them to use that magic for the benefit of the Decepticons. Possibly making them into Head-Masters, Target-Masters or Power-Masters.
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Background Pony #1FFE
@William Flutter
I would like it if Fluttershy, Discord, vinyl scratch, and octavia melody would team up with blaster and Jazz to take down Soundwave and his mini-cassettes.