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Just a fun thing I wanted to draw! :3

It's written on the image but may be hard to see, these are my headcanons for them:

Yona — cis, bi
Sandbar — cis, straight
Smolder — cis, lesbian
Ocellus — trans, pan
Gallus — trans, gay
Silverstream — cis, asexual panromantic

Quite happy with how it turned out w!
safe1724980 artist:greenarsonist56 gallus6839 ocellus5366 sandbar5514 silverstream6208 smolder8066 yona5167 changedling8540 changeling48584 human156520 :p9129 asexual144 bisexual5597 chubby13317 cis56 claws5150 dark skin4660 diversity136 female1379545 gender headcanon186 headcanon2344 horn70348 horned humanization6832 humanized100803 implied yonabar53 lesbian97976 lgbt headcanon305 male379374 monster2302 pansexual212 sexuality headcanon208 skinny1880 straight138090 student six1644 tail28889 tongue out105840 trans female805 trans male259 transgender1938 winged humanization8763 wings110969


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Background Pony #1489
What's wrong with gallus's face why dose his face look so different from the others