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I've seen quoterific post a lot of shipping collages, but I have yet to see them do one on Rarilight.

Edit: quoterific did not make this; I just made this basing it off their collages.

Edit 2: I was looking on Deviantart and found out quoterific actually did make a Rarilight collage:
safe1726401 edit134150 edited screencap66174 editor:quoterific2203 screencap224384 applejack171487 opalescence2106 pinkie pie218130 rainbow dash236131 rarity183581 twilight sparkle303023 alicorn228352 cat6410 earth pony256327 pegasus299740 pony986682 unicorn332051 dragon dropped1213 equestria girls203101 equestria girls (movie)7491 friendship university728 gauntlet of fire1478 it isn't the mane thing about you1172 rarity's biggest fan142 simple ways1313 the crystal empire2856 the saddle row review1446 the ticket master1024 three's a crowd1321 what about discord?689 spoiler:interseason shorts888 alternate hairstyle28595 applejack's hat7696 big crown thingy2387 canterlot5745 carousel boutique2244 clothes466946 collage1404 cowboy hat16328 disguise4857 duo62818 duo female11441 element of magic2320 eyepatch3024 eyes closed95547 fainting couch941 female1380785 food71450 gritted teeth12515 hat88292 holding hooves1683 hoof on chin560 hooves on cheeks186 hug28690 ice cream5112 jewelry65642 looking up16820 mare in the moon1749 moon23738 open mouth149784 plainity305 rarilight1871 rarity for you79 regalia20566 robe3703 school of friendship1279 shipping202773 shocked7095 sitting64351 teeth10120 train station436 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124862 twilight's castle3993 unicorn twilight18143 walking4847


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Megalobronia, don't remove the "editor:quoterific" tag, those screencaps are edited.