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I’ve seen quoterific post a lot of shipping collages, but I have yet to see them do one on Rarilight.
Edit: quoterific did not make this; I just made this basing it off their collages.
Edit 2: I was looking on Deviantart and found out quoterific actually did make a Rarilight collage: https://www.deviantart.com/quoterific/art/Request-Rarilight-Moments-863121173
safe1755130 edit136273 edited screencap67494 editor:quoterific2594 screencap228499 applejack173618 opalescence2125 pinkie pie220575 rainbow dash239008 rarity186002 twilight sparkle306668 alicorn233606 cat6545 earth pony267853 pegasus310782 pony1015065 unicorn344214 dragon dropped1216 equestria girls207810 equestria girls (movie)7588 friendship university732 gauntlet of fire1484 it isn't the mane thing about you1182 rarity's biggest fan142 simple ways1321 the crystal empire2867 the saddle row review1455 the ticket master1032 three's a crowd1330 what about discord?699 spoiler:interseason shorts890 alternate hairstyle29166 applejack's hat8535 big crown thingy2419 canterlot5876 carousel boutique2299 clothes477352 collage1450 cowboy hat17298 disguise5003 duo65082 duo female12034 element of magic2397 eyepatch3099 eyes closed98572 fainting couch953 female1405882 food73214 gritted teeth13323 hat90701 holding hooves1707 hoof on chin571 hooves on cheeks202 hug29207 ice cream5214 jewelry68772 looking up17208 mare in the moon1763 moon24174 open mouth155371 plainity308 rarilight1885 rarity for you79 regalia21240 robe3762 school of friendship1311 shipping206171 shocked7275 sitting65772 teeth10565 train station450 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126388 twilight's castle4103 unicorn twilight18796 walking4954


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Megalobronia, don’t remove the “editor:quoterific” tag, those screencaps are edited.