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The Star  
UPRIGHT: Hope, faith, purpose, renewal, spirituality  
REVERSED: Lack of faith, despair, self-trust, disconnection
Twilight here bathes by starlight, connected to the natural world and the vast expanse above her, allowing herself to be vulnerable and in touch with her emotions. The large star in the background represents her core essence, while the other stars surrounding it illustrate her connection to the world around her.
safe1785929 artist:sixes&sevens531 twilight sparkle310375 alicorn239142 pony1087430 bowl1724 eyes closed101627 female1434431 lake1634 levitation12909 magic77271 major arcana87 night28352 smiling272781 solo1122122 stars16916 tarot card690 telekinesis29585 the star10 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127990 water14691 wet8597 wet mane5379 wet mane twilight sparkle34


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