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The long-awaited “goat” character, Shanty, is finally coming to Them’s Fightin’ Herds on March 25th. Mark your calendar/set a reminder!


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I'm not famous.
Lucky for you, 2.0 features a lot of balance changes and bug fixes. “A sweep of rebalancing and bugfixes for all characters (along with some universal system changes)”
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I’ve moved houses a few times since I backed the game.
What Shadowking58 said. You can update your address through Backerkit, but if you’re having trouble with that, join the Discord server and ask the devs for help there.
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if they’re still sending the game out.
Of course they’re still sending it out. They’re just busy with game updates right now.
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“All the other cool things they’re doing” doesn’t matter to me too much when the game itself hasn’t seen any real updates in two years or so.
I’m not considering the story mode update since it only lasts about an hour if you don’t throw against the bosses. Didn’t feel like anything substantial to me.
But I digress (and I know these are just my own hot takes). At least 2.0 exists. Should be good for the people still playing.
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It is a pretty small team and balancing a fighting game is not easy at all; plus all the other cool things they are doing. I do agree though that there are too few characters and I’m really hoping that they at least make it to 12 once all DLC is done. I feel like the same amount of characters Championship Edition & Hyper Fighting has is kind of a minimum for a fighting game to not get completely stale.
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I am the blarg.
Took them long enough. Still not sure how I feel spending extra when the game only has 6 characters to begin with. And how it’s been like a year and a half or two years since the last balance update.
Put almost 500 hrs into the game over time and kinda just got a bad taste in my mouth over how stagnant it has become.
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God this update is gonna be huge. 15 pages of patch notes currently?! Herders are about to explode.
The question is, now; who’ll be voicing this character?
Pay attention over the next 2 weeks. They’re gonna be dropping more info leading into the release date, including almost certainly a Shanty gameplay trailer with voice reveal.
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It's bad. In a good way!
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Oh man! I forgot all about that it’s been so long! I also never got any of my physical rewards. But I have gotten all of my digital ones. I don’t regret backing this game at all. Slow is better than never. I was one of those who backed Yogventures, so I’m always going to jsut appreciate a project being done at this point. And damn is this being done WELL!
I’m still certain I’ll get my physical rewards eventually. I’ve had longer waits before.