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I had to, I couldn’t resist💖💖 #mlpg5 #mlpgen5 #MLP
safe1785520 artist:mindlessnik2 izzy moonbow5730 pipp petals3954 sunny starscout5230 earth pony280912 pegasus323098 pony1087072 unicorn357117 g514116 abstract background16947 adorapipp410 bracelet10595 braid6542 cute210109 eyes closed101593 female1434062 hug29796 izzybetes900 jewelry71983 mare518939 one eye closed33822 open mouth161564 raised hoof50229 signature28065 sitting67528 sunnybetes552 trio10350 trio female2327 unshorn fetlocks28874 winghug3068 wings130962


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