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MLP Pride

well, not all of them have visible fags in here so ill say,
applejack- lesbian
fluttershy- trans
twilight- bi
pinkie pie- pan and trans
rainbow dash- gay and nonbinary
rarity- ace
Jun 17, 2019
safe1678354 artist:cimicherrychanga2 applejack167644 fluttershy209752 pinkie pie213521 rainbow dash230857 rarity179291 twilight sparkle296916 human151846 asexual pride flag117 bisexual5379 bisexual pride flag400 boots21215 bow27801 clothes449498 converse5540 dark skin4473 diversity134 dress43539 fingernails408 gender headcanon172 hair bow15083 headcanon2270 hijab314 humanized98819 jeans3979 lgbt headcanon265 mane six31484 midriff19053 nonbinary330 nonbinary pride flag69 notebook559 pansexual180 pants14063 pigtails4643 pride1648 pride flag1222 sexuality headcanon185 shirt24133 shoes35192 shorts13606 suit5707 sweatband536 sweatpants327 t-shirt4283 transgender pride flag369 twintails1661


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Honestly, Rarity being ace makes a lot of sense. She always seems to be in love with the idea of love. The one time we see her make any romantic attempts, it's based not on attraction, but on status and ideas. Her being asexual can definitely slot neatly into headcanon, doesn't contradict anything in the show.
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Background Pony #BAB1
@Background Pony #AE12
When did I say being straight made someone a bad person? I just said that they aren't oppressed. And LGBT people are oppressed by just society in general and institutionally and stuff. For example, we need to fight for our right to marry, many LGBT people are kicked out of their homes just for being LGBT, shunned by family, many people get denied jobs due to their identity. We barely get to see people like us in media. This doesn't even cover the tip of the troubles that LGBT people experience but you know.
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Background Pony #AE12
@Background Pony #BAB1
oppressed of what? just being a certain way? i know some people can give a hard time to others, but just because someone is hetero (whatever color that might be) that doesnt make it a bad persone from the get go.
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Background Pony #BAB1
@Background Pony #AE12
Straight people don't have an agreed-upon flag because once again, they're not oppressed so they didn't need to make one to represent their pride and band together. There have been ones made before but not one that all straight people agree on. But once again I'm pretty sure Fluttershy and Rarity are straight (I assume Rarity is heteroromantic) Because they don't have any specific flags saying otherwise so considering this is a pride drawing I assume if they weren't straight their flags would be shown (ie. pinkie being trans and pansexual)
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Background Pony #BAB1
@Background Pony #AE12
This drawing is a pride drawing tho? Hetero pride isn't a thing? (because hetero is considered the default in society so no hetero person needs to fight for their right to be hetero)
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