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safe1993799 artist:red45671017 rarity204767 spike87889 sweetie belle53801 dragon73782 pony1346546 unicorn456560 3d106249 apron5271 clothes567773 coffee4611 comic125352 cutie mark51887 dialogue81846 drinking4538 eyes closed122814 female1624032 filly86195 gigachad spike1171 looking back75414 looking down12150 looking over shoulder4451 magic87587 magic aura7045 male468706 mare629699 older34753 older rarity895 older spike8155 older sweetie belle3245 shipping232441 skunk stripe403 source filmmaker61611 sparity7800 straight161611 time skip55 unicorn magic60


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You couldn’t pay me to touch muddy bean juice. I’ll stick with my wet leaves of tea or the chemical mystery of an energy drink if need be.