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They vote to make cheesy Cheetos free for everyone
safe1727276 artist:~w0xel~18 izzy moonbow2023 pipp petals1335 sunny starscout1655 earth pony256736 pegasus300120 pony987539 unicorn332460 g54332 10116 eyes closed95621 female1381659 glowing horn20067 high res31150 horn70807 horn guard374 horn impalement712 hornball384 izzy's tennis ball449 magic74287 open mouth149917 smiling254354 telekinesis28210 tennis ball661 unshorn fetlocks26269


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Background Pony #ED41
We’ve got (left to right);
The bubble one
The pegasister
The Greek one

Why do I get Greek vibes from the pegasus?
side note: I have not watched g5 yet, I could be completely wrong about this, I’m using the fandom as a base for who these characters are